Let’s bea​uti​ful​ly organize and design your daily activity with OPlanner. OPlanner, the simple and bea​uti​ful daily planner, uses various icons and colors to help you fold and paste time pies in order to create an original daily planner. Various planners can be created using OPlanner
such as: monthly planner, weekly planner, and planner on special event or on a certain day of the week. Also, Calendar view allows you to see your overall planners at a glance.
Daily planner you can des​ign​
Choose from the icons and colors, to create and design your original daily planner. Various icons and colors are ava​ila​ble to make a bea​uti​ful planner.​
Simple add and edit features​
It is simple and easy to add or edit your plan using O Planner. Set the time, choose the icon and the color to make you daily planner quick and easy. While you are making a new plan, preview feature shows you the process of new plan being added.
Various layouts available​
Monthly calendar, weekly planner, special event, tasks, and many other layouts for specific use is available in O Planner. Optimize your time, manage your schedule and track your daily plans with O Planner!
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Published by Podotree